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How Easy Is It To Invalidate A Pre-Nuptial Agreement In New York?

So, your fiancée insisted that you sign a pre-nuptial agreement before you wed.  Even though you did not particularly agree with everything in the agreement, you signed it, thinking you will just contest it if you get divorced.  Now, with a divorce pending, you want to invalidate the pre-nuptial agreement.   Guess what - you may…
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding: A Case Study of Marital Property Rights

There are no coincidences when a net worth of  $17 billion dollars is at risk.   That is why it was no coincidence when Mark Zuckerberg waited until after Facebook's IPO to get married. When it comes to marital property rights, timing is everything.   Generally, whatever property a party owns or possesses prior to the marriage…
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Pre-Nups Gain Popularity

More couples are entering into pre-nuptial agreements reports Reuters.   It is not just the rich and famous looking to protect their assets, more and more middle class couples are entering into pre-nuptial agreements. As reported by the American Academy of Matrimonial  Lawyers, increasing numbers of women are asking for  pre-nuptial agreements. More women are working…
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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: Why To Consider One

The Wall Street Journal in an article written by Mary Pilon detailed some of the reasons couples enter into prenuptial agreements. In the article, I was quoted for having noticed a trend in my practice. In conversations with many of my younger clients, I observed that often they did not want a pre-nuptial agreement to…
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Pre-Nuptial Agreements: A Smart Money Move

There are few certainties in life. However, one of life’s certainties is that all marriages will end, whether by death or divorce. At the end of marriage, whether by divorce or death, disputes over money and the disposition of marital assets may be inevitable. However, a pre-nuptial agreement can help lessen the potential for conflict…
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Madoff Loss Jeopardizes Divorce Settlement

To the list of things Bernard L. Madoff has been blamed for ruining — retirements, lives, reputations — add another: a clean breakup.” The New York Times is reporting that a husband (a lawyer), who, entered into a settlement agreement distributing marital assets, which included an investment in Madoff’s hedge fund, is seeking contribution from…
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Post Nuptial Agreements Popularity Continues

Citing a recent New York Times article, Victor Medina in the New Jersey Divorce and Family Law Blog, comments on the rise in the use of post-nuptial agreements. Mr. Medina gives a great description of what post- nuptial agreements really are: What are “post-nuptial agreements”? Well, unlike pre-nuptial agreements, which deal with parties interested in…
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