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False Abuse Claims and Interference With Visitation Leads to Loss of Custody

Every once in awhile, there is a reported case where one parent’s interference with the rights of the other parent, results in the interfering parent’s loss of custody. I have written about this problem before. Nikolic v. Ingrassia presents another such case where unfounded claims of abuse  by one parent resulted in a loss of …
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What Not To Do During the Divorce: Rudy Giuliani, a Case Study

In an interesting piece on the Huffington Post, Stacy Schneider opines that Rudy Giuliani’s “Nasty Divorce” reveals why he may be unfit to be president. Politics aside, the former mayor’s divorce is a primer on what not to do during a divorce. The divorce was a vicious, go-for-the-jugular, corrosive slugfest, with Rudy seemingly pulling the…
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Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

The New York Times today reported how in the Bronx Family Court,   Elevator Woes Slow Justice. The eye opening article details how, because of broken elevators, litigants wait in line for hours to get an elevator to a court room resulting in missed court dates or, even worse, dismissed cases.   The Family Court is…
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Changes in Child Custody Alters Child Support

Question- I had custody of my daughters from birth until they were 12 and 13. I voluntarily let them live with their father. Father didn't pay any child support until 2002 when I applied for it, and he was only ordered to pay $25 a month. Now the father is seeking support from me. Will…
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Ten Tips to Help Children Cope with Divorce

Darn Divorce provides some insightful tips on how to help children cope with divorce. 1. Tell children the truth in simple terms with simple explanations. Tell them where their other parent has gone. 2. Reassure them that they will continue to be taken care of and that they will be safe and secure. 3. Your…
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Can I Move Away With My Child: The Law of Re-Location

I have returned from my vacation, schools back in session and summer is, for all accounts over. So, I am back to bloggging on a regular basis. One of the most common post-divorce scenarios is that the custodial parent wishes to relocate and the move will negatively impact on the other parent’s relationship with the…
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What Effect does a Bankruptcy Filing Have on Child Support?

A bankruptcy filing does not discharge an obligation to pay child support.   To the contrary, since other debts are discharged, funds that might have been paid toward other debts can be freed up to pay child support. The Child Support Blog cites the recent case of  former NFL wide receiver André Rison to illustrate this…
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