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Children of Divorce Prescribed Ritalin Twice as Often

A new study appearing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reports that children are twice as likely to be prescribed Ritalin after their parents divorce. According to Mind Hacks, Ritalin is the trade name for the amphetamine-like drug methylphenidate. It is typically prescribed for ADHD, a diagnosis which describes problems with staying focused, impulsiveness and…
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The Myths of Divorce:: A College Study

The National Marriage Project at Rutgers University put out a fascinating study debunking The Top Ten Myths of Divorce. Perhaps the most interesting portions of the study, address the issues of divorce and children. The study shows, not surprisingly, that divorce has deep, long lasting emotional effects on children, and increases the likelihood that their…
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Program to Address Custody Issues Facilitates Divorce Settlements

With a dedicated staff which includes a parenting coordinator and a family services coordinator, the Court is able to refer litigants to alternate dispute resolution programs, counseling, and parent education programs. Under the auspices of the Court, the parties are encouraged, for instance, to develop parenting plans. According to Justice Robert Ross, the supervising judge of…
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How to Tell You Children About the Divorce

There is probably no easy or correct way to tell your children that you and your spouse are separating or divorcing.  It would be an understatement to say that divorce will have a devastating impact on their emotional and psychological well-being.   But, how parents inform their children and negotiate future parenting responsibilities affect how children…
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Mother Interferes With Visitation And Loses Custody

Continuing with a trend to penalize parents who interfere with visitation, the Appellate Division, Second Department in Adams v. Perryman, modified a joint custody agreement and granted a father sole custody of their children because the mother thwarted the father's efforts to have meaningful visitation. While the Court's decision does not detail exactly what the…
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Custody Fights and Domestic Violence All To Common During Holiday

I came across this article in NWI Times which confirmed, that which I already knew;   domestic violence and custody disputes increase during the holidays.  Though the article nvolves police in the Midwest, the message is universal. Police officers who have to work on Christmas are faced with a double whammy. Not only do they have…
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Thank You for this Blog’s Success- Please Participate

I am overwhelmed by the popularity of this blog.   I want to provide you- the readers and subscribers with information that will be insightful and helpful.   Please feel free to write me if there are any topics or news items that you wish me to address in the area of family law and divorce in…
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Tarazan, a child of divorce, is depressed.

This headline caught my eye:  Boy Tarzan's ma takes swing at dad in divorce. "The teenage star of Broadway's "Tarzan" was hurt so much by a bitter feud between his parents it sent him into intense therapy sessions."   "But the pain of talking about the vicious sparring was too much for 13-year-old Daniel Manche,…
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