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Providing for Grandparents in Visitation Arrangements

Over the hills and through the woods may be the poetic way to get to grandma’s house, but when one or both of a grandchild’s divorced parents don’t want their child to pay her a visit, is she out of luck? Not necessarily. The ripple effects of a divorce hit more than just parents and…
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How Far Can I Go? Understanding Parental Relocation

Packing up and moving to a new home can be difficult for any child, and it’s no piece of cake for the parents either. Leaving the school, friends, and neighborhood they’ve come to know and cherish is no small thing for a kid. For married parents, the decision whether to relocate is theirs and theirs…
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Does a Child’s Preference Matter in New York Custody Decisions?

A child doesn’t get a say regarding whether or not his or her parents will get divorced. While children may want their mother and father to stay together, they don’t get a vote in the decision to end a marriage. But, when it comes to where the child will live and which parent will get…
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7 Tips to Make Holiday Parenting Time Less Stressful

New York divorce child visitation The divorce and family court judges in New York will soon get very busy; Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season or, as divorce lawyers well know, the season that divorced and separated parents fight over holiday access time. Even when holiday parenting time is clearly delineated in a…
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New APP to Manage New York Child Custody Scheduling and Child Support Expenses

Through years of representing parties in contested custody and support cases, I have become keenly aware that keeping records of parenting time and expenses is problematic. There is often a dispute about some scheduling issue, a missed communication, or some child support add-on  expense. Because of this, we are pleased to offer a solution.…
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What is the Best Custody Arrangement After Divorce?

Even the most well-intentioned parents may disagree about their children’s parenting plan or visitation schedule; as part of a divorce, it is not uncommon for parents to fight for an extra hour or day simply to maximize their time with the children. Long gone are the days when it was presumed that the mother will…
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Are Children With Same-Sex Parents Presumed Legitimate In New York?

One of the strongest presumptions in law is the presumption of legitimacy: the presumption that a child born to a marriage is the legitimate child of both parents. Likewise there is a presumption that a child born to a woman though artificial insemination with the consent in writing of the woman and her husband, shall…
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