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The Divorce Considerations of Jon and Kate: A Shameless Plug

In the middle of preparing for a complicated custody trial, I was contacted by Smart Money to discuss the divorce considerations of Jon and Kate. (I may have been the only person in America not to know who they are – fortunately, my wife filled me in.) The article, in which I am extensively quoted,…
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Husband Required to Pay Child Support for Artificially Inseminated Child

On appeal, a court ruled that a husband can be deemed the legal parent of a child born to his wife, where the child was conceived as a result of artificial insemination during the marriage, but where the husband's consent to the artificial insemination was not obtained in writing. Domestic Relations Law § 73  provides…
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Out-Of -State Support Orders Cannot Be Modified in New York

In this day and age in which parties obtain an order regarding child support in one state and then move to another jurisdiction, it is important to know that the original support order cannot be modified or even extended by a court in the second state, so said the New York Court of Appeals in…
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Justice Delayed, Justice Denied

The New York Times today reported how in the Bronx Family Court,   Elevator Woes Slow Justice. The eye opening article details how, because of broken elevators, litigants wait in line for hours to get an elevator to a court room resulting in missed court dates or, even worse, dismissed cases.   The Family Court is…
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Hague Convention- New Provisions to Collect Child Support Abroad

The International Family Law Blog reports that new provisions have been drafted by the delegates to the Hague convention to assist in the collection of child support internationally.  According to a press release: A new Convention…designed to respond to the needs of children and other dependents by providing international procedures which are simple, swift, cost-effective,…
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Changes in Child Custody Alters Child Support

Question- I had custody of my daughters from birth until they were 12 and 13. I voluntarily let them live with their father. Father didn't pay any child support until 2002 when I applied for it, and he was only ordered to pay $25 a month. Now the father is seeking support from me. Will…
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Passports To Be Denied to Parents in Child Support Arrears

If you want or need a new passport to travel abroad, you had better be current on your child support. The State Department will now deny a passport to any non-custodial parent owing $2,500 or more in court-ordered child support. As Janet Langjahr points out, the new passport rules while implemented as a matter of…
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