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Appeals Court Recognizes Canadian Gay Marriage

A New York appeals court unanimously ruled that a gay couple's marriage in Canada should be recognized in New York. As pointed out in the Sui Generis-a New York Law Blog, at issue in Martinez v. County of Monroe was whether Monroe Community College properly denied health care benefits to the female partner of a…
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Census Says: Marriages Are of Shorter Duration

The odds of a marriage lasting twenty five or even fifteen years are decreasing. Reporting  on recently released marriage census data, the New York Times noted that more than half the Americans who might have celebrated their twenty fifth  wedding anniversaries since 2000 were divorced, separated or widowed before reaching that milestone. "For the first…
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A Romantic Divorce Diversion on the Symbolic Loss of a Wedding Ring

This is primarily a blog about New York divorce. In it, I have repeatedly written about people fighting over engagement rings or engaged in their epic divorce struggles.   For a change, on a hot summer day, I though I would acknowledge a touching and romantic piece from  The New York Times  on the loss of…
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New York Domestic Violence Victims May Terminate Residential Leases

In order to permit a victim of domestic violence to relocate to a safe location unknown to his/her abuser, a new law has been enacted in New York to permit a person who has obtained an order of protection to also obtain an order permitting him/her to terminate his/her residential apartment lease. This new law…
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No-Fault Divorce Benefits Marriage

In a fascinating article published in the New York Times, Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University and co-author of a blog, the Marginal Revolution, explores the benefits of what he terms, unilateral divorce.   His conclusion, unilateral or no-fault divorce leads to happier but perhaps, less committed marriages. In the United States, the…
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Divorce and Taxes: Deductions, Exemptions and Other Issues

With taxes due next month, Scott Sagaria in his  California Family Law Blog offers some useful tax tips to parties divorcing.  While Scott's blog is addressed  to California residents, the tax information is applicable nationwide. When a couple is filing for divorce, but the divorce decree has not been finalized yet, they can still file…
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Even A Husband Can Be The Victim of Domestic Violence

Much ado has been made of  Jason Kidd’s allegations of domestic violence against his wife. Notwithstanding the celebrity factor, much of outcry is a product of the sexist preconception that there is no way a woman can abuse a man.  Moreover, how can a star athlete be a victim of domestic violence? Any matrimonial attorney knows…
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