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7 Tips to Make Holiday Parenting Time Less Stressful

New York divorce child visitation The divorce and family court judges in New York will soon get very busy; Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season or, as divorce lawyers well know, the season that divorced and separated parents fight over holiday access time. Even when holiday parenting time is clearly delineated in a…
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Race May Be Considered To Determine Paternity

A child’s racial appearance can be considered to establish paternity declared a Rochester Family Court judge.  In doing so, the Court ordered a DNA test to establish the paternity of two children who appeared to be bi-racial, born to a married Caucasian couple; the petitioner seeking to establish paternity was an African-American man. While there…
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Joint Custody: What Is It?

In almost every case involving children, one parent says, “I want joint custody.”  When asked what they mean by joint custody, a puzzled look comes across the client’s face as they seek to avoid directly answering the question.  So, what exactly is joint custody? Custody can easily be broken into two components:  physical custody, and…
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Child Custody and Same Sex Relationships

New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, granted a non-adoptive or biological parent visitation with her former same sex partners’ child. In a very narrow ruling, the Court in the case Debra H. v. Janice R., held that only biological or adoptive parents can seek visitation or custody of children. The parties, Debra H.…
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Tips to Make the Holidays Better For the Children of Divorce

In the spirit of the upcoming holidays, Newsweek offers guidance to divorced parents on how to make the holidays better for their children. Admittedly, the holidays are the most difficult and painful times for families broken apart by divorce. Both parents want to maximize their time with their children. Even the best intentioned parent may…
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Some Parents Are Unfit To Be Alone With Their Children

I am a firm believer that children should be able to enjoy a relationship with both parents. But, every once in awhile there is a case that leads me to believe that some children should never be allowed to be near their parents in an unsupervised setting. This story, which appeared in the New York…
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Children and Holiday Visitation – Part 2

After I posted 10 Tips to Help Children of Divorce Deal with the Holidays, I was interviewed by Lawyers USA about the issues that crop up around the holidays about holiday visitation. The article was written by Jason Rebello.  Lawyers USA graciously granted me a reprint permission.   With the holiday season fast approaching, family…
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