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Ten Tips to Help Children of Divorce Deal with the Holidays

Divorce, visitation and holidays-three things, that when combined, raise divorced parents’ blood pressure and put a lot of stress on their children. There are some things you can do to  make the holidays a little more bearable. The Divorce Law Journal highlights ten tips to help children enjoy the holidays: Give your children permission to…
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Grandparents Denied Visitation with Children of 9-11 Victim

The New York Law Journal (subscription required) reported that the parents of a victim of 9/11 were denied visitation with their grandchildren. I posted a couple of times in the recent past on the issue of grandparent visitation. According to the article in the Law Journal, after the death of the father, relations between the…
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Can I Move Away With My Child: The Law of Re-Location

I have returned from my vacation, schools back in session and summer is, for all accounts over. So, I am back to bloggging on a regular basis. One of the most common post-divorce scenarios is that the custodial parent wishes to relocate and the move will negatively impact on the other parent’s relationship with the…
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Grandmother Granted Visitation By Appeals Court

The Appellate Division granted a grandmother visitation with her grandchildren in the case In the Matter of Carol Steinhauser. Of significance, the Court noted that  that mere animosity between the children’s father and his mother-in law was not a sufficient basis for denying visitation. In the brief opinion, the Court, after detailing the two pronged-inquiry…
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Grandparents Granted Visitation Approved by New York’s Highest Court

The Court of Appeals in Matter of E.S. v P.D., unanimously upheld a constitutional challenge to New York’s grandparent visitation law.     In upholding the New York Law which permits grandparents, under certain circumstances, to seek visitation with their grandchildren, the Court distinguished the New York law from the overly broad Washington law struck down…
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Mother Interferes With Visitation And Loses Custody

Continuing with a trend to penalize parents who interfere with visitation, the Appellate Division, Second Department in Adams v. Perryman, modified a joint custody agreement and granted a father sole custody of their children because the mother thwarted the father's efforts to have meaningful visitation. While the Court's decision does not detail exactly what the…
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