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Trends in A Troubled Economy

As the economy continues to falter, there are reports of a couple of distinct trends in family law cases: many couples are putting off their divorces and, if the couples are going forward with their divorces, they doing so without legal representation. NBC News is reporting that “more distressed couples are putting off divorce because…
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After Divorce, Update Your Will

It is always a good idea after a divorce to update your will or to change the beneficiary designations on your insurance policies and investment accounts. Prior to the divorce it was likely that your wife was your heir or beneficiary. After your divorce, you may not want your ex to benefit from your death.…
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How to Handle Gifts To One Spouse?

The Pennsylvania Family Law Blog poses the very practical question- what do to with a gift or inheritance received during a marriage? How can one insure that a gift to an adult child does not end up marital property subject to the other spouse’s claims? As the blog post points out, Generally, marital property means…
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Children of Divorce Prescribed Ritalin Twice as Often

A new study appearing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reports that children are twice as likely to be prescribed Ritalin after their parents divorce. According to Mind Hacks, Ritalin is the trade name for the amphetamine-like drug methylphenidate. It is typically prescribed for ADHD, a diagnosis which describes problems with staying focused, impulsiveness and…
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Disputed Real Estate in Divorce: How Is It Valued?

The martial home is often the most valuable asset to be dealt with in a divorce. Generally, one of three things can happen to the martial home as part of the divorce: it is sold on the open market, one of the spouses buys out the other spouse’s interest, or one spouse is allowed to…
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